Tiny Chipmunk – the story

Building a business, day by day

Setting up a company – the essentials

First Things First written on chalkboard

My stock is all going to arrive in the next few weeks. (Big cheer!)  In the meantime, I’m getting myself organised while I have some ‘downtime’.  I’m doing all kind of things to A, plan for my product launches (future blog post) and B, get my admin in order. This post is all about the things you need to think about, and do, when you’re just starting out as an.. Read More

Be kind to yourself

People always say that one of the great things about working for yourself is that you’re your own boss. And yes, that probably is good – if you’re a nice boss. Back in my Corporate life, I was a pretty good manager.  I made sure I was clear on expectations, I was always available for support, I set realistic, achievable goals, I worked with my team on their personal development.. Read More

What defines a ‘real’ job?

I felt a little hurt earlier this week. I met a friend and she asked me what I’d been up to.  I figured she didn’t just want to hear about my toddler’s ear infection, or my eldest’s Swashbuckle addiction, so I told her it had been a good, but busy week and I was pleased that my next swaddle order will arrive soon and I’m really making headway with my.. Read More