Tiny Chipmunk – the story

Building a business, day by day

The difference between the Fast Lane and the fast track

I spoke before about how I came to the decision to start my own business.   I needed to find out more about what it was I’d decided to do (selling products on Amazon) as I had no idea what I wanted to sell, let alone how to source products, where to source them and what else went along with that. Obviously I had lots of ideas and I was.. Read More

What on earth am I doing?

Good question! When I initially started out with this business my two children were aged 3 and 4 months.  Obviously I had a lot on my plate!  So I guess it’s fair to ask why I thought starting a new business would be a good idea. To be honest, having young children is part of the reason.  For the past few years I’ve been running a children’s yoga franchise. Working.. Read More

Am I nuts?

Hello!  I’m a 30-something mother of two small children, who’s randomly decided to launch a product, try and sell it and make a (small) fortune. Or a living, at least. When I put it like that, it sounds crazy. Perhaps it is crazy. Not only that, but I’ve decided that I’m going to blog about my journey to get the business up and running, share the highs, the lows, the.. Read More