Tiny Chipmunk – the story

Building a business, day by day

Selling your product on Social Media

It seems (to me anyway) that people spend so much time on social media nowadays that if you have a small business, or any kind of product to sell, you really need to be there. I’m no expert but, two small businesses in – both with a fairly decent following – I thought I’d share what I’d learnt so far. You don’t have to be everywhere There are so many.. Read More

Amazon Sponsored Products

For the past few weeks I’ve been trialing / messing around with Amazon Sponsored Products, with the aim of driving more traffic to my product page.  Amazon are currently offering £20 of free clicks (per marketplace), so it seemed like a good time to give it a go. This used to be called Amazon Pay-Per-Click and, despite the name change, I believe it still works in pretty much the same.. Read More

It’s competition time!

This doesn’t really fit the purpose of this blog, but it’s too exciting not to include. We’ve teamed up with two fabulous local businesses (Sarah Hart Photography and Little Frog Bakery) to give one lucky mum (or mum-to-be) a real treat this Mother’s Day. I love finding opportunities to work with others and I think we’ve put together something really special. Details on the prizes and how to enter are.. Read More

Working with bloggers to promote your product

Tiny Chipmunk has been featured in another two blogs this week. The first was part of a competition ran by Mummy In a Tutu to celebrate her reaching 10k Twitter followers. The second was a review by Thrifty Mum. Part of my strategy, early on, was to get my brand noticed – and working with bloggers who already had an audience seemed like a good way to do this.  .. Read More

The purpose of this blog

Some of you may have noticed that these posts are less frequent than they used to be.  This is for two (very honest) reasons: The more I work, the less time I have to blog. Sometimes, there just isn’t as much to say. I’ve been reviewing the original purpose of the blog, which was to share my journey setting up and growing the business in a way that people will.. Read More

More on networking

For the past week I’ve been staying way out of my comfort zone, which is where you need to be to succeed, according to most business ‘gurus’ and I did a bit more networking.  (I’m not sure if this is a space you need to constantly be in, but see no harm in challenging myself from time to time.)  This time it was an evening event, for local women in.. Read More

Reviewed by Me Becoming Mum

Hurrah!  We’ve had a fab review today from Mummy Blogger, Me Becoming Mum. Naomi has used our muslins for around a month now with her new arrival and, I’m pleased to say, is absolutely loving them! Here’s just one highlight from the post: These beautiful Tiny Chipmunk muslins swaddle blankets however, come in neutral colours that mean you can buy them for your daughter or your son – and in.. Read More

Tiny Ardilla is making some passive income

Remember how, right at the beginning, I said I started up this business after listening to a podcast about passive income? Well, this week I made my first steps towards generating some! I’ve been away for the past week and haven’t been working.  (Apart from looking after two kids, one of whom has been ill the entire time, which is much harder work than trying to sell swaddles.)  I took.. Read More

Going global

Tiny Chipmunk has officially ‘gone global’ (or European at least) with our first orders from Spain and Italy.  We didn’t do anything special to make this happen – simply listed on Amazon’s other European sites.  Here’s how you can do it too.  (Disclaimer, if you’re not an Amazon seller, or don’t aspire to be, you might find this post incredibly boring!) On your Amazon seller central homepage, under the ‘Inventory’.. Read More

Book review: The Miracle Morning

I’m flying through these personal development books at the moment.  I’m not sure if it’s a time of year thing (new years resolutions and all that), or if it actually says something about my state of mind right now. Regardless, this book (The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM, by Hal Elrod) had been on my wishlist a while after being recommended by Pat.. Read More