Tiny Chipmunk – the story

Building a business, day by day

Responses from suppliers

It’s been a few weeks since I spoke about contacting suppliers for my new product and you may be wondering what happened next. (The short version is, I narrowed them down, ordered samples, then went on holiday while I waited for them to arrive, but I’m guessing you’d like more details than that!) Of the 25 suppliers I contacted,16 replied. This probably sounds a lot, but it didn’t take too.. Read More

The new (and improved!) order – sourcing products from China

So, the exciting news here is that product number two (still top secret!) is one step closer.  For the past few weeks I’ve been back on Alibaba contacting suppliers.  You might remember that last time this was all new to me and I was winging it a fair bit.  This time, I’m doing things differently. Firstly, I did my research into what’s already out there.  (I did this last time,.. Read More

PLEASE VOTE: We’ve been shortlisted!

Another week and it’s more good news. Tiny Chipmunk has been shortlisted in not one, but two categories in the Loved By Parents Awards 2017. I am so excited, but also a little daunted as I’m now up against massive, well-known brands and it’s just little old me… The winners are decided by votes – which is where you all come in. Please, please, please use this link and vote.. Read More

We’re on a podcast!

I was very excited last week to find out that I was featured on the Ask Pat podcast. You may remember me saying one of my dreams was to be featured on Smart Pasive Income – well, this comes close! My question was about this blog and whether I should be as open as I am about myself and my business. If you’re interested in hearing Pat’s answer, you can.. Read More

GUEST POST: Take better photos of your own children this Summer!

I’m having a break this week, so this blog post is brought to you by the fabulous Sarah Hart Photography.  If you’re taking photos to show how you use your swaddles, this will help loads! We’ve just had our first taste of a bit of sunshine this year…..Summer is on it’s way! So the chances are you’ll be spending more time outdoors over the next few months…..time to get out.. Read More

What defines a ‘real’ job?

I felt a little hurt earlier this week. I met a friend and she asked me what I’d been up to.  I figured she didn’t just want to hear about my toddler’s ear infection, or my eldest’s Swashbuckle addiction, so I told her it had been a good, but busy week and I was pleased that my next swaddle order will arrive soon and I’m really making headway with my.. Read More

How do you use yours?!

I know swaddling isn’t for everyone, but one of the brilliant things about our muslin swaddle blankets is they’re so big you can use them for plenty of other things. Some of the uses in our house include: A make-shift bib/clothing/furniture cover for when my toddler has her morning cup of milk.  (It can get quite messy and a regular milk bib just wouldn’t do the job!) A make-shift cover for.. Read More

What’s so dangerous about a blanket?

So, after my (self-proclaimed) triumph of placing a new order, things rapidly went downhill just a few days later as, one by one, country by country, my listings became inactive.   After spending countless hours on the phone to Amazon seller support and sending emails a few times a day (during what was meant to be a week off) I finally got to the bottom of it.  My product was.. Read More

Re-ordering – what I’m NOT doing differently

This has been an exciting week.  We’ve now sold enough boxes of swaddles that I’ve had to place a new order. When I first set out on this venture, my biggest fear was not selling anything (or not selling many).  I am so excited that this has happened – and sooner than I’d expected. This time around I’m placing a slightly smaller order, as I want to keep some money.. Read More

Optimising your Amazon listing

I’ll be honest, if you’re not selling products on Amazon, or planning to in the future, this may not be a post that interests you.  It’s pretty specific.  If you are, make a cuppa and get comfy. It’ll be well worth a read. Firstly, did you know there are stats you can look at in Amazon, that show how well your product is converting?  (i.e. how many of the people look.. Read More