I know swaddling isn’t for everyone, but one of the brilliant things about our muslin swaddle blankets is they’re so big you can use them for plenty of other things.

Some of the uses in our house include:

  • A make-shift bib/clothing/furniture cover for when my toddler has her morning cup of milk.  (It can get quite messy and a regular milk bib just wouldn’t do the job!)
  • A make-shift cover for my toddler when she goes in the car.  (She gets car-sick on most journeys – even short ones.) I hate to use them for that as they’re so pretty, BUT they’re huge, super absorbant and, importantly, don’t hold the sicky-smell after being washed. Much better for the environment than using half a pack of wipes!
  • Drying my toddler’s hair at bedtime when Daddy forgets to!

I’m sure there are plenty more that I’ve forgotten.

Thrifty Mum actually came up with an impressive list of 25 uses.

But, most importantly – I’d like to know YOURS.

I’m looking for photos and videos of real parents and babies/toddlers using the blankets (for anything at all – swaddling, mopping up milk, as a breastfeeding cover, towel, etc.)

If you have any you want to share (the more inventive the better!) please post them on your social media accounts and tag me in your Facebook posts Instagram pics and tweets!

I know I’ve done a lot of competitions lately (I do love a giveaway!) – but this one is definitely the most fun! The most inventive photo(s) will win either a free box of swaddles, OR our next product for free (due out this Summer.)  Please be aware that you’ll also get plenty of social media fame, as they will be shared.

Let’s have some fun and let’s see what the most unique use is.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Makeshift bib / child cover!