Tiny Chipmunk – the story

Building a business, day by day

Be kind to yourself

People always say that one of the great things about working for yourself is that you’re your own boss. And yes, that probably is good – if you’re a nice boss. Back in my Corporate life, I was a pretty good manager.  I made sure I was clear on expectations, I was always available for support, I set realistic, achievable goals, I worked with my team on their personal development.. Read More

A successful photoshoot

Tiny Chipmunk photoshoot

Last week I had a photoshoot for the new towels, which was very exciting.  Once the final images are here I can finalise the listings for Amazon and Shopify.  The order will be sent any day now, so we’re not far off from having them ready to sell.  Exciting times! The shoot went really well, despite featuring 5 children and babies of varying ages.  That could have been a recipe.. Read More

Amazon’s Brand Registry

In my post about packaging design I mentioned that I didn’t need to get a barcode for my packaging, as I was enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry, which enabled me to use a GCID (Global Catalogue Identifier) and print off the barcode label which Amazon assigned me.  All true. However, I tried to create the product listing for my towel and, as I also predicted in that post, it hasn’t.. Read More

Packaging design – a how to guide

Tiny Chipmunk towel box

The last week or two have been busy preparing for the launch of the towels next month.  One of the key things to do, now they’re in production, is work on the packaging. Here’s my guide on how to do this. Start thinking about this early Right at the stage when you first start contacting suppliers, ask them about packaging. If you know what you want (a kraft-paper box, with.. Read More

Getting stuff done – without childcare

This week marks the beginning of a new school term and a new phase in my business. I finally get some child-free time during the week, as my youngest starts nursery and my eldest starts school.     The Summer holidays have been tough, work-wise, as this is the first Summer I’ve had both children at home the entire time.  Last year my business was in the very early stages,.. Read More

Placing the order

Things have been a bit quieter the past few weeks, as I took a well-needed holiday.  This was the first holiday since starting up this business where I actually felt like I took a break from work.  This was possibly down to there not being much to do, as I placed the order for the towels the evening before we left.  (Talk about just in time!) I had aimed to.. Read More

Evaluating samples, plus the big product reveal!

Last week (I’m a bit late in writing this) my final sample arrived! This was pretty exciting, as it was what I hoped would be (and it actually will be) my final item.  I mentioned in my last post about suppliers that after seeing the first sample, it actually prompted me to order a fourth – as I didn’t think the concept was quite right. I can now reveal that.. Read More

A word on Lightning Deals

I’d been thinking of trying a lightning deal for a while, as was curious to see what impact it would have on my sales and ranking.  If you haven’t seen one before, this means you set up a deal whereby you offer a set number of units, at a set discount, for a set period of time.  (And pay Amazon a fee to do it.   You can check out the.. Read More

Transferable skills – we can all be CEOs!

I was reflecting on my recent award win (and still feeling pretty chuffed if I’m honest).  I can’t quite believe I’ve managed this, as a Mum of two, working from home, when some of the competition were big businesses with offices and teams and a ‘proper’ set-up.  Then again, on further reflection, being a Mum does prepare you well for running a business… Firstly, you probably manage everything anyway, perhaps.. Read More

We won!

I realise I’m a bit late with this, but we actually won two awards in this years Loved By Parents Awards! We won Silver for Best Nursery Bedding and Gold for Best Ethical Babycare Product. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to navigate the form and vote!