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DIY photography

Tiny Chipmunk towel box edited

You may remember that in my post about a successful photoshoot I set myself the challenge of taking a photo of the towel box myself, once it had arrived. It came last week, a few days before a networking event, at which I planned to gift it – so time was short!  (Always a great motivator!)  It looks great in ‘real life’ by the way. It has a really high quality premium.. Read More

Problems receiving inventory (Amazon FBA)

Amazon screenshot

You will have seen by now that both my swaddles and towels are in stock. Good news! They both arrived on a weekend and both a few days earlier than planned.  While this sounds good, unfortunately, things didn’t go well and I spent a lot of that weekend on the phone to Amazon Seller Support.   Before I delve into what happened, I try to make my posts as actionable.. Read More

Our new towels are here!

Our new towels are finally here!  I am so excited. Before I get into why I love them, and hope you love them too, I want to tell you a short story about how they came about. I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant with my son (my first child) I went out and brought so much stuff I thought we needed.  Not all of it turned.. Read More

Back in stock!

After months of production delays, I am so happy that our 100% bamboo muslin swaddle blankets are finally back in stock. They flew off the shelves this Summer and I’m so excited that they’re back again. They’re a must-have in our house! This order did go smoother than the last, despite the time it took.  It has given me some time to reflect on the things I wish I’d known.. Read More

“No, your job is Mummy”

I was in the garden with my four year old, chatting about jobs, while he was on the swing.  Initially, he was a little unsure about what he wants to do when he’s older. So unsure in fact that he wasn’t sure he wanted to decide in case he changes his mind. I tried to explain that was ok and actually normal.  I shared how I wanted to be a.. Read More

Outsourcing tasks as an Amazon seller

Are you the best person for the job?

When you start out in your business, it’s just you, and you have a tiny budget, it’s easy to get into a mindset of needing to save every penny.  You really watch what you’re spending money on and try to do as much as you can yourself.  I did this for almost an entire year.   I’ve now realised that there are areas where it actually makes more sense for.. Read More

Good news to end the week


You might remember that back in the Summer our award-winning swaddles flew off the shelves.  Due to some supply issues, they’ve remained out of stock ever since. Yesterday I got the news that they’d be ready to ship – TODAY!  As always, it felt like a last-minute scramble to get everything in place (I’m not sure why this always happens…) but, I’m pleased to report, they’re now safely on a.. Read More

Improving your social media presence (with some tips for useful tools)

Feedly article list

If you want to build an audience on social media you need to share great content. The problem is, writing your own can take time and trawling the web for content isn’t much faster.  Then there’s the scheduling and the linking to all your channels. It can become a huge, not always enjoyable, chore. A few months ago I came across two websites (both of which also have apps –.. Read More

Amazon fees – a shocking fact you may not have known

So I got a fright this week (just in time for Halloween!) I’d been querying my Amazon fees as, the fee preview in Seller Central and on the Amazon Revenue Calculator were lower than what I was actually paying. After three months and lots of back and forth, I eventually got this response from Seller Support: “The difference you are able to see in the actual fee charged and the.. Read More